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Rita Shehan

25 of the Most Inspiring DIY Birthday Cards (1)

Rita Shehan

Rita Shehan is a crafting expert and writer focusing on paper crafts. She shares over a decade of paper crafts experience, including quilling, origami, scrapbooking, paper flower creations, and designing invitations. Rita is also the founder of the website EasyPaperCrafts.com.

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Updated on 06/08/20

For a special handmade touch, opt to make your next birthday card rather than picking up a generic store-bought card. Your friends and family will surely appreciate the effort and become awestruck by your talent (no need to tell them just how easy it was to make). Check out these 25 ideas that range from simple and beautiful to quirky and clever.

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    Easy Handmade Birthday Cards Using Minimal Supplies

    25 of the Most Inspiring DIY Birthday Cards (2)

    Many crafters want to make their birthday cards to give to their friends but just don't have the time or money for expensive supplies. Kristina Werner to the rescue! Watch her video tutorial which demonstrates just how easy it is to make these fabulouswatercolor birthday cards for pennies.

    Easy DIY Birthday Cards Using Minimal SuppliesfromKristina Werner Designs

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    Dino Boy Birthday Card

    25 of the Most Inspiring DIY Birthday Cards (3)

    Almost every little boy or girl goes through a "dinosaur" phase. Make this cute dino card to celebrate their interest and special day.

    Dino Boy Birthday CardfromHouses Built of Cards

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    Paper Balloon Happy Birthday Card

    25 of the Most Inspiring DIY Birthday Cards (4)

    Craft a birthday card that is beautiful and looks much more complicated to make than it is. Paper dyes help give the lettering and paper balloons a professional edge. This craft project is a card that everyone would appreciate and love to receive.

    Happy Birthday CardfromLime Doodle Design

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    Easy Sprinkles Lollipop Card Tutorial

    25 of the Most Inspiring DIY Birthday Cards (5)

    I don't know anyone who doesn't adore sprinkles! Why not add some fun to a birthday card? Paper lollipops are covered with sprinkles and glued onto a matching card. How cute! The inner child in all of us will just love a birthday greeting like this!

    Sprinkles Lollipop Cardfrom Tikkido

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    DIY Letterboard Birthday Cards

    25 of the Most Inspiring DIY Birthday Cards (6)

    The letterboard design trend is going strong. Make a card using a sentiment that is personalized for the recipient in this cute style. How trendy!

    DIY Letterboard Birthday CardsfromDesign Eat Repeat

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    Mini Washi Tape Cards and Envelopes

    25 of the Most Inspiring DIY Birthday Cards (7)

    Washi tape has got to be one of the best inventions ever! Add some cute tape to your greeting card craft, and you will have a beautiful card in an instant! So easy and so much fun! Anyone can get great looking cards and envelopes instantly with washi tape.

    Mini Washi Tape Cards and EnvelopesfromWhite House Crafts

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    Free Printable Pom Birthday Card

    25 of the Most Inspiring DIY Birthday Cards (8)

    Celebrate a birthday with this adorable pom ice cream cone card. White House Crafts offers a free printable and tutorial for this card project. Very cute!

    Free Printable Pom Birthday CardfromWhite House Crafts

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    DIY Embroidered Cards

    25 of the Most Inspiring DIY Birthday Cards (9)

    Add some craftiness to your birthday card projects with embroidery. When you finish the embroidery, attach some fabric tags to keep up the handmade theme. Lovely!

    DIY Embroidered CardsfromBugaboo City

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    Black Background DIy Birthday Card

    25 of the Most Inspiring DIY Birthday Cards (10)

    Try something different for your next DIY card project. Most cards are made with white paper. This time use black paper for a dramatic twist. Your friends will appreciate the effort you put in to give them a card that is unique!

    Drawing on Black PaperfromThe Postman's Knock

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    DIY Cute Card from Recycled Paper Scraps

    25 of the Most Inspiring DIY Birthday Cards (11)

    Most crafters have bits and pieces of leftover paper that are simply too beautiful to throw away. Put those scraps to good use with this cute birthday candle card.

    DIY Cute Card from Recycled Paper Scraps!fromMakers Society

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    Tulle Birthday Balloon Card

    25 of the Most Inspiring DIY Birthday Cards (12)

    A shaker card has a transparent panel on the front and is filled with materials that move around when shaken. This adorable birthday card features a balloon on the front that is covered with tulle and filled with confetti. The birthday recipient will treasure this keepsake card!

    Tulle Birthday BalloonfromContagiously Crafty

  • Butterfly Gift With Free Printable

    25 of the Most Inspiring DIY Birthday Cards (13)

    Glue some chapstick or lipstick to the front of the free printable butterfly card, and you will have a lovely present as well as birthday greetings! Perfect for the teenage girl in your life.

    Butterfly Gift With Free PrintablefromA Girl and a Glue Gun

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    Butterfly Card Colored with Prismacolor Pencils

    25 of the Most Inspiring DIY Birthday Cards (14)

    Some people love cards that have a vintage look. This project is made with stamps, dies and colored with pencils. Butterflies are stamped, then colored with Prismacolor pencils and attached to the base of the card. The result is a beautiful, feminine card that is perfect for the woman in your life.

    Butterfly Card Colored with Prismacolor PencilsfromAwash With Color

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    Black and Gold Modern Happy Birthday Card

    25 of the Most Inspiring DIY Birthday Cards (15)

    Are you short on time but still want to give someone special a DIY birthday card? Let Lia Griffith do the work for you. She offers this lovely black and gold card for download on her site. All you have to do is print the card. Lia has done all the artwork for you. A win-win for all concerned.

    Modern Happy Birthday CardfromLia Griffith

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    80th Birthday Card

    25 of the Most Inspiring DIY Birthday Cards (16)

    Landmark birthdays deserve special recognition! Although the example on the card is for an 80th birthday celebration, you can alter the card for any birthday. Just print out the numbers and sentiment using your favorite word processing software. Then cut and glue to your card backing. So easy and so cute!

    Dad's 80th Birthday CardfromMerry Made Arts and Crafts

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    Happy Birthday Flower Card

    25 of the Most Inspiring DIY Birthday Cards (17)

    Fabric flowers attached to a white card are simply lovely. Some added stitching completes the look.

    Happy Birthday FlowersfromI'm in Haven

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    Sunflower Birthday Card

    25 of the Most Inspiring DIY Birthday Cards (18)

    The is always elegance in simple design. Make a lovely sunflower card for that special friend that celebrates an autumn birthday.

    A Simple Sunflower BirthdayfromI'm in Haven

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    ATM Machine DIY Birthday Card

    25 of the Most Inspiring DIY Birthday Cards (19)

    Do you sometimes feel like an ATM machine when it comes to your children? Add some humor to their birthday with this funny ATM-style birthday card.

    DIY Birthday Card ATM MachinefromRobby Gurls Creations

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    Easy Pop-UP Birthday Cake Card

    25 of the Most Inspiring DIY Birthday Cards (20)

    Pop-up cards are always fun to make. This pop-up birthday card is more straightforward to make than it looks. The tutorial also has an easy to follow video, that all but guarantees success with this craft project.

    Easy Pop-Up Birthday CardfromRed Ted Art

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    Printable Lotto Birthday Card

    25 of the Most Inspiring DIY Birthday Cards (21)

    A lotto card is the perfect small birthday gift when you don't want to spend a ton of cash but still wish to give a little something to someone on their birthday. Download this free printable card from C.R.A.F.T. and insert a lotto ticket. So fast and so easy!

    Printable Lotto Birthday CardfromC.R.A.F.T.

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    Shopping Bag Money Holder Birthday Card

    25 of the Most Inspiring DIY Birthday Cards (22)

    Sometimes the best birthday gift is cold hard cash! Make a cute card with a shopping bag on the front, and insert some money. Your birthday person will love it!

    Shopping Bag CardfromFlickr

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    Mini Birthday Album

    25 of the Most Inspiring DIY Birthday Cards (23)

    Make a birthday card that also doubles as a mini album. This card will be treasured for years to come.

    Mini Birthday Album…in a Box!fromCrafts Unleashed

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    Sign Language Birthday Card

    25 of the Most Inspiring DIY Birthday Cards (24)

    Do you have someone in your life that loves sign language? Make them this card with the I Love You sign on the front.

    I Love You Sign Language CardfromBusy Kids Happy Mom

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    Surprise Smiling Face DIY Cards

    25 of the Most Inspiring DIY Birthday Cards (25)

    Hand drawn cards are always a welcome gift because you took the time and effort to make something special for your friend. Metallic gold ink on purple cardstock is a winning combination for this DIY birthday card.

    Surprise Smiling Face DIY CardsfromDIY Candy

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    Pretty Printable Floral Greeting Card

    25 of the Most Inspiring DIY Birthday Cards (26)

    Painted flowers printed on card stock always look lovely and feminine. If you are looking for a beautiful printable that you can download, this card will most certainly meet your requirements.

    Pretty Printable Floral Greetings CardsfromLia Griffith

25 of the Most Inspiring DIY Birthday Cards (2024)


How to make a heartfelt birthday card? ›

Warm and Fuzzy Birthday Messages
  1. Hope your birthday is as special as you are.
  2. Wishing you all the happiness someone as nice as you deserves.
  3. If there's anyone who should have a really perfect day — it's you.
  4. The world is so lucky to have you in it — here's to a wonderful year ahead!
  5. You get more amazing every year.
Jul 25, 2023

How can I make a birthday card myself? ›

Open Canva and search for “birthday cards” to start designing your card.
  1. Look for the perfect template. Browse the collection of pre-made birthday card templates and pick one that suits the style that you like. ...
  2. Customize your birthday card. ...
  3. Review your card design. ...
  4. Share or print.

What is a creative alternative to birthday cards? ›

Ten best of the best physical alternatives
  • Handmade craft items. ...
  • Personalised gift items. ...
  • Books with inscriptions. ...
  • Memory scrapbook. ...
  • Plantable cards. ...
  • DIY birthday cards. ...
  • A message in a bottle. ...
  • Custom-engraved items.
Aug 29, 2023

How to make a handmade card? ›

Choose a base card and fold the paper horizontally or vertically. Using your favorite writing utensil, write a phrase such as “Wishing You Well” or “Missing You” on the front of the card. Then write out your greeting on the inside. Embellish the card with ribbons, stickers, or sequins to make it pop.

What is the card trick for birthdays? ›

Give all 5 cards to your friend. Ask them to give you back all cards that have the number of the DAY of their birthday (15th means they give you back cards 2, 3, 4, and 5). Add up the TOP LEFT number on each card returned to you. You now know the day of their birthday!

How do you make a Heartfelt card? ›

  1. Start with a personal introduction. Address the recipient by name and let them know why you're writing.
  2. Share a specific memory or experience. This will help the recipient feel connected to you and your message.
  3. Express your feelings. ...
  4. Be sincere. ...
  5. End with a closing that leaves a lasting impression.
Jul 26, 2023

What are 3 lines for happy birthday? ›

Short & Sweet Birthday Messages
  • “Hope all your birthday wishes come true!”
  • “It's your special day — get out there and celebrate!”
  • “Wishing you the biggest slice of happy today.”
  • “I hope your celebration gives you many happy memories!”
  • “Our age is merely the number of years the world has been enjoying us!”
Mar 21, 2024

What does this ❤ mean in a birthday wish? ›

What does Red Heart emoji ❤️ mean? The red heart emoji is used in warm emotional contexts. It can be used to express gratitude, love, happiness, hope, or even flirtatiousness.

What is the best birthday message? ›

Short and Sweet Birthday Messages
  • Sending love and hugs on your big birthday!
  • Close your eyes and make a wish. ...
  • May your birthday be filled with smiles and cake. ...
  • Today is all about you, and I couldn't think of anyone who deserves it more!
  • Cheers to the wisest man we know. ...
  • Celebrating another year of you!
Jan 19, 2024

How to make a birthday card for an adult? ›

Use your favorite images

Find a few of your favorite images to celebrate your journey so far and make them a central element in your birthday card. When choosing an image to use, also think about selecting a handful of colors and assess how they will look alongside your chosen images.

What can I make out of greeting cards? ›

10 Creative Ways to Repurpose Greeting Cards
  1. Create Cute Customized Gift Tags.
  2. DIY Garland Décor.
  3. Picture-Perfect Framed Photos.
  4. Fun DIY Puzzle.
  5. It's Scrapbook Time!
  6. Save Money on Gift Boxes.
  7. Send a Customized Postcard.
  8. Make a New Card.
Jul 7, 2019

Are handmade cards a good gift? ›

Custom designed cards are always the best and most unique gift you can give to someone you appreciate. In return, (hopefully) they will reciprocate the appreciation of receiving a one-of-a-kind card made by you. Well, a nice beautiful card can make the first impression, but it's the thought that really counts.

What can be used instead of a card? ›

Instead, switch to online video greeting cards and video e-card to make the occasion more heartfelt, impactful and thoughtful.
  • Make them feel special with customized ecards. ...
  • Make personalized video greetings. ...
  • How about vegetable letters? ...
  • Send an electronic newsletter. ...
  • Make a voice message with a poem dedicated to them.

How can I make a good greeting card? ›

To make a basic greeting card, start with a blank card or fold a piece of sturdy paper in half. Construction paper or colorful cardstock are good options. Get creative and add decorations, such as stickers, hand-drawn designs, stencils, washing tape, or glitter, to the outside of the card.

Is there an app to make birthday cards? ›

Happy Birthday Card Maker is an App with a beautiful image library on the birthday theme selected carefully. With this App, you can freely create for yourself unique, artistic and individual card designs.

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