33 BEST DIY Graduation Party Decorations To Use (2024) (2024)

Looking for easy DIY graduation party decorations? Save your time and money with all these awesome DIY graduation party ideas you can easily recreate overnight!

33 BEST DIY Graduation Party Decorations To Use (2024) (1)

Graduation is a huge milestone and deserves to be celebrated in full swing. But that doesn’t mean you have to go all out and spend a lot on things to make your party the best of the best.

In fact, making your own homemade graduation decorations will not only make the grad party feel a lot more personalized but also WOW the guests with creativity!

When I was graduating, I ended up spending a ton on things that could easily be DIY-ed.

To say the least, I would have preferred these DIY graduation party decorations that are super simple, fun, and easy to whip up.

Ahead, you’ll find all sorts of DIY graduation party favors, easy centerpiece ideas, delish graduation party food, and much more that I know you’re going to want to start recreating for your party right away!


1. DIY Graduation Centerpiece

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Recreate this DIY graduation decoration:

If you are looking for easy graduation centerpiece ideas for your party, these DIY paper lanterns and graduation caps will make the best decor for any table.

You’ll need to get a little crafty but it’s inexpensive and super easy to pull off and will definitely make it look like you spent a lot more on them!

2. Heart Drop Text Box

Recreate this DIY grad party decoration:

What a cute way to ask your friends and family for some good wishes and advice for the future!

Set out a shadow box on the table and have your guests sign on these cute little wooden heart-shaped pieces and drop them in the box.

Later, after the party, you can keep this box with you as a memory from your big day and remember everyone that came!

3. Display An Old Suitcase For Cards

Recreate this DIY graduation decoration:

Almost everyone brings a card with either cash or a gift card for the grad so make sure you have a designated spot to keep them! One way you can easily do it is by having a vintage suitcase out on the table.

There’s nothing like an old suitcase that you convert into a card box and make it all trendy and cute!! I absolutely love this simple yet genius DIY graduation decoration.

4. Graduation Cap Cupcakes

Recreate this DIY decoration:

Graduation-themed snacks and desserts literally never disappoint. This is such a fun way to serve cupcakes at your graduation party that you can guarantee everyone will want to try!

Fill up a wine glass with an assortment of candies and a cupcake on top. Not only are these the perfect go-to dessert but also make them the best and easy DIY decoration for graduation parties!

5. DIY Graduation Photo Wreath

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Recreate this DIY graduation decoration:

How creative is this? I never thought of it but a photo wreath is such a great way to display pictures at your graduation party. All you’ll need is a wreath frame and a few pictures of you growing up!

This is super fun and shows how much you have grown in a full circle. You can hang them on the chairs or display them on the table which makes them the perfect DIY graduation party decorations!


6. One Smart Cookie Bar

Recreate this idea:

Isn’t this little corner so cute? You can layout cookies like this in a tray and take the area to the next level by displaying a sign that says “one smart cookie bar”.

I think it’s so cute and makes the dessert bar look a bit more fun and graduation-themed!

7. DIY Chalkboard Backdrop

Recreate this DIY:

This DIY chalkboard backdrop is absolutely genius!! You’re going to be taking a ton of pictures so make sure you have a cute set up at your party.

If you are hosting a graduation party with your friends, this is the perfect DIY for you all to do together! Order this chalkboard on Amazon and decorate it however you like. Now you have a super cute backdrop for cheap!

8. DIY Photo Props

Recreate this idea:

I had a photo frame as a photo prop at my graduation party and it was such a hit, literally everyone wanted to take pictures!

You can find a ton of props around, but if you want to go the DIY route, these fun personalized signs are the way to go.

Take a cardboard and draw as many funny/trendy sayings as you can think of. Then, cut them into shapes and tape them on sticks for guests to easily grab one and take pictures with!

9. DIY Graduation Straw Toppers

Recreate this DIY:

This simple and cute DIY is definitely the one you need to have at your graduation party. It’s such a small detail but I promise it makes a HUGE difference.

To make these straw toppers, cut square and round pieces out of construction paper to make it look like a hat and punch a hole through them.

Top it off with an embroidery string and you can serve these with any fun drinks at your party!

10. DIY Paper Flower Graduation Tassel

This paper flower graduation tassel looks SO cute and is so easy to recreate! If you want to give your traditional graduation cap a unique twist, this DIY is perfect for the occasion.

I’m in love with it and I think this would be so fun because imagine all the cute pictures you can take. Definitely give this a try!

11. Diploma Cookies

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Recreate this DIY:

How cool is this? If you are wondering how these “diploma” cookies are made, just wrap a ribbon around pirouette cookies to make them look like the diploma you just received!

I know I would be so excited to go to a graduation party and see cookies set out like this. Your party guests are bound to be impressed with this genius dessert idea!

12. Easy DIY Photo Centerpieces

Recreate this idea:

How cute is this for DIY graduation party centerpieces? You can easily personalize any floral arrangements on the table with wood pieces and photos of the graduate.

This is one of the DIY centerpiece ideas for a graduation party that looks so stunning and takes almost zero effort!

13. DIY Wooden Pallet

Recreate this DIY decoration:

This DIY wooden pallet is another great way to display pictures at your grad party. To set it all up, buy a bunch of wood pallets from any local store and nail them together to make a display like this.

Then, all you’ll need to do is string pictures of the grad all the way across. So simple and super cute. You could use this idea for both a high school or college graduation party!

14. Set Out Cutlery As Diploma Napkins

Recreate this idea:

Okay, I know this may feel like going overboard, but if you want to go all out and make your party feel a lot more festive, set out your cutlery like these diploma napkin bundles.

Anyone who attends your party is bound to see this setup near the dessert table or food bar and be highly impressed.

15. Make A Memory Jar

Recreate this idea:

At my graduation party, I asked my friends and family to share a fun memory they had with me, and it was soo nice reading them at the end of the party and even now!

This simple table setup is so cute and it won’t cost you much to put it all together! The “memory jar” made out of a large storage jar is genius and an inexpensive DIY graduation decoration you just can’t go wrong with.

16. DIY Graduation Shadow Box

Recreate this idea:

This shadow box display is perfect to use at your graduation party! Not only does it make as the perfect graduation party decoration that will showcase their accomplishment, but will also make for the absolute best gift for the graduate!

17. Make A DIY Donut Wall

Recreate this idea:

Donut walls are no doubt a crowd-pleaser at graduation parties, so it only makes sense for you to have one as well!

If you’re willing to get a bit crafty, you could totally make a whole DIY donut wall on a budget!

Get a piece of plywood from the craft store, and drill holes in it to insert the wood dowels that will hold the donuts. Lastly, decorate however you like, and there you have it!

18. Make A Welcome Sign With Chalkboard

Recreate this idea:

Displaying some sort of sign at the entrance of your party is one of the best things you can do. Not only does it give the guests a glimpse of the party, but also makes for the perfect graduation party decoration!

Here is an easy entrance sign that can be done with a chalkboard sign and a few balloons around. Super simple and easy. You just can’t go wrong with this!

19. DIY Graduation Confetti Cones

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Recreate this idea:

I came across these graduation cones the other day and I’m obsessed. Simply pass out these cones to guests as they walk in and have them shower the graduate with confetti whenever they see them!

Wouldn’t that be soo fun?! These are super easy to DIY and can be done in a few minutes. Plus, the special grad is sure to feel so loved with this gesture on their big day.

20. Hang DIY Graduation Tassels

Recreate this DIY graduation decoration:

Hanging these graduation tassels is another one of the best DIY graduation decorations that is so creative and cool.

And the best part is that all you’ll need is colorful tissue paper, scissors to cut them into fringes, and decorative tape to put it all together!

21. Cotton Candy Graduation Party Favor

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Recreate this DIY graduation decoration:

Send off your guests in style with these sweet DIY graduation party favors. Cotton candy is everyone’s favorite treat so fill mini plastic cups with your favorite cotton candy flavors and dress them up with a hat to look exactly like a mini graduate!

Your party guests can easily grab one of these on the way out so definitely add this to your list of DIY graduation party decorations to use.


22. Display The Graduates’ Gown

Display the graduates’ gowns with their memorabilia to show off all their hard work!

This is such a great inspiration for graduation party decor that you don’t need to spend a ton on it because you could just use what the graduate already has and hang it as a display!

23. Ferrero Rocher Graduation Cap

Recreate this DIY graduation decoration:

Who doesn’t love Ferrero Rocher? Everyone will absolutely love this DIY graduation decoration and it surely won’t go unnoticed! You could even prepackage these in plastic bags with a little note inside to give out as party favors!

24. Easy DIY Photo Frame

Recreate this DIY graduation decoration:

It doesn’t get any easier than this! If you are on a budget but want to showcase the grads’ pictures in a creative way, this easy DIY photo frame is one of the cheapest ideas out there.

Get any kind of frame and string pictures from their yearbook into the frame. You could even spray-paint the frame to match the graduation theme!

25. DIY Marquee Letter Display

Recreate this DIY graduation decoration:

These marquee letters in the grad sign are so spot on and they are perfect to display both indoors and outdoors, but it can sometimes be so costly to buy them in a bulk.

So, if you are looking for a more budget-friendly approach, you could always DIY these with foam boards and battery-operated lights! The process takes time but I promise you’ll love the end result!

26. Money Cake

Recreate this DIY idea:

Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t love a money cake? There’s truly no better cake out there and this is something every graduate will absolutely appreciate!😉

27. DIY Memory Board

Recreate this DIY:

Take some of the small keepsakes of the grad and turn them onto this beautiful memory board!

You could include anything from pictures, tickets, prom stuff, and anything meaningful to them, and display it on the card table for everyone to see.

28. DIY Graduation Cap Balloon

Recreate this idea:

To make your party balloons a little more interesting, make graduation caps from construction paper and glue them on these fun confetti balloons. This would make them the perfect decoration for the party and a great prop for taking pictures with!

29. Jenga Guest Book

Recreate this DIY idea:

If you are want something different than a polaroid guestbook at your party, this “Jenga” guestbook is one you should definitely consider. Set out Jenga blocks on the table with a sign for people to write a memory or well wishes to the grad.

If this isn’t one of the most genius and easiest DIY graduation party decorations out there that will make for an interesting activity then I don’t know what is!

30. Easy DIY Balloon Wall

Recreate this DIY:

Here is another super cute photo booth to have at your graduation party that would turn out looking stunning as ever. Plus, it’s the perfect, last-minute backdrop you can create with things you already have around!

Just use a large white cloth as a backdrop on the wall and stick balloons on it with golden fringes. Can you imagine all the amazing pictures you can take here?!

31. DIY Graduation Candy Labels

Recreate this DIY:

The candy table at any graduation party is always a huge hit. Make them even more fun by adding a twist and creating your own personalized labels!

You can write anything from “smartie pants” and “student loan” on the labels and display them on your favorite candies!

32. Grad Letter Sign Off

Recreate this DIY:

Looking for a fun and easy guest book alternative for your graduation party? Grab this DIY wooden letter from Amazon in your initial and display it on the table.

Your friends and family can come and sign it with a special note to the graduate and it would make for a cute and sentimental keepsake later on!

These were all the best DIY graduation party decorations to use at your party.

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