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Do you love making things, but wish you could put your own unique spin on the design to create memorable, one-of-a-kind results? Are you tired of searching over and over for just the right design that fits your needs and spending all your money on files? Are you frustrated by your results when you try to customize something on your own?

Like you, I LOVE to make things. And as a designer, I have the power to make anything I can imagine. And I can share that talent with you by giving you the same templates and knowledge I use so you can advance it to your own ideas.


Join me for an ONGOING PROGRAM filled with monthly projects that go beyond the basic designs — you get advance access to my designs, new and exclusive templates to personalize, new and exclusive step-by-step videos to show you how to use them, exclusive elements, exclusive reference and cheat sheets, and the inspiration and motivation to truly MAKE and ADVANCE your skills to the next level!

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Called the "queen of crafting" by her millions of fans, Jennifer is the founder of the wildly popular JenniferMaker blog and channel that both inspires and teaches you how to make beautiful things.

Jennifer has been teaching for decades and is known for her easy-to-follow approach and complete directions from start to finish that anyone can follow. She can teach you how to make pretty much anything!

In addition to teaching, Jennifer is an award-winning designer and author of over 60 published, bestselling books. She and her designs have been featured in FIRST for Women, Country Living, Good Housekeeping, Apartment Therapy, The Oprah Magazine, BuzzFeed, and 5-Minute Crafts, as well as on USA Today and Fox News affiliates.

"Jennifer is by far the best teacher out there. The content is so exceptional, she speaks clearly and give precise details it is so easy to follow along. I have paid for other classes from other groups and she is so much more detailed. I feel like she put so much more into her courses that others do not. I am so fortunate to have found Jennifer!" — Tammie Pontarelli

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ADVANCE WITH JENNIFERMAKER is a new ongoing and exclusive program, and you're invited to join me in building it to be the creative experience you've always wanted.

With ADVANCE, you will learn to design unique projects that look professional and are exactly what you envision. Go beyond just choosing your colors and sizes to adding personalization, unique elements, and features that are less typical and more custom to you and your needs.

This is a program for all makers who love to use TOOLS AND MACHINES to make things that are next level!

Just imagine...

  • How fun it will be to customize a project with your passions and interests!
  • How amazing it will be when you see a friend, family member, or even a complete stranger display something beautiful you made yourself.
  • How rewarding it will be when you sell one of your own projects for real money!

This comprehensive and powerful program will include step-by-step video lessons and printable resources designed to get you results in much less time and with far less frustration than if you tried to figure it out on your own.

This is not just a "how to make stuff" program — this is a "how to DESIGN customized objects with an award-winning professional designer and then actually make all the things with more fun and less fuss" program!

I can give you wings to fly!

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What features and benefits would you as a member of the ADVANCE program receive?

Here's what you get as a member of ADVANCE:

  • New projects to customize every month with step-by-step workshop videos on a variety of craft and DIY topics — if you're familiar with my popular Maker Academy Weekend event, it's like this but with fresh, new projects all the time!
  • Early access to JenniferMaker designs, files, and videos, before they appear on our channels or in our library ... including our Merry Maker Mingle projects which are normally unveiled in the days before Christmas!
  • Exclusive templates and elements so you can create projects just the way you want, going beyond the basic ready-made designs we currently share
  • Printable reference and cheat sheets for popular projects and techniques
  • Easy access to everything through a searchable library of JenniferMaker designs
  • Bonus: 25% discount on any JenniferMaker digital product
  • Bonus: Invitation to an exclusive community of ADVANCE Makers with regular challenges
  • Bonus: An ad-free experience on
  • Bonus: Commercial Small Business license so you feel confident to share and sell finished projects
  • Bonus: Exclusive behind-the-design content with Jennifer you won't see anywhere else

What kinds of projects can you make in the ADVANCE program?

Here are some of the first projects you can make as soon as you join (there are already 25+ workshops waiting for you inside), and I teach you how to customize each one in an exclusive workshop video just for ADVANCE members:


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ADVANCE with JenniferMaker (38)

plus many, many more!

Here's what our members are saying!

"This is totally awesome. I've been roaming through all of the information on the ADVANCE Membership and am quite impressed. It's obvious that a ton of time and effort has been put into making this an extremely valuable and worthwhile training / developing / sharing experience. I'm so happy to be part of the Founders Group. Thank you!!" — Sara Skovenski

ADVANCE with JenniferMaker (39)

"I am soooo excited about what you have put together in Advance! It just seems soooo perfect!" I love all of the links..... the minute my brain has a question.... there is a link for the answer! You and your team have done a magnificent job!!! And, yousay you are still working on it...... goodness! I am just amazed at how perfectly you are putting this together. Only you, Jennifer Maker." — Sheryl

"Your small commercial license is a life saver since there is so much I love on your site and that I know I can use in our business." — Maria

"So impressed at how clean and organized everything looks. I love the search option and at a quick glance all of the featured items I wasso excited to see that many of the techniques and tutorials are at the top of my list of things I want to figure out. Looking forward to progressing with your help." — Krista

"The site is so easy to navigate, and that the directions are well laid out.Especially love that there are videos and illustrations with the ability to download the content for easier reference. I think you did a great job!" — Candace

"I love the fact that everything is all in one place. So easy when you want to try something new or just refreshyour memory on a past project." — Elizabeth

"I just watched the introductory video, and all I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW!!! You and your team continue to amaze me, Jennifer, and I cannot thank you enough for letting me be a part of this." — Julie

"You are the ONLY one I would ever pay money to join anything. I know I will never be disappointed and will always learn something new. There are many who do what you do (sort of) but you are in a class by yourself. I think I can safely speak foreveryone when I say thank you for what you do....we appreciate you." — Donna

And here are some quick screenshots from what folks are saying in our group...

ADVANCE with JenniferMaker (40)

Is this a free or paid program?

This is a paid program, but it is not expensive — we're offering it for $29/month or $299/year. This is a lot less than our individual workshops cost ($29 each), so it's a great price. It's always important to me that my products are accessible to the majority of my community.

Can I cancel or quit at any time?

Definitely! When I set out to create this program, I knew I wanted it to be easy to leave if it didn't feel right or money was tight. I personally really dislike any program that makes it hard to cancel. You know, like when they give you a hard time or make you call them on the phone (-shiver-). That is so not cool. So I set up this program so that's its really easy to cancel whenever you want -- the cancel button is easy to find, and if for some reason you cannot get online to cancel, all you have to do is ask us and we'll do it for you. And no hard sales tactics. No hoops to jump through. You know me ... I'm jenuine, jenerous, and jentle. Will people take advantage of that? Maybe. But I believe most people are good people and it'll all work out! So easy it is.

Will your program features stay the same or change?

For the first 12 months (until June 2025), we plan to offer everything listed on this page as well as add in new features over time based on the feedback from our members. After 12 months, we will evaluate our program offerings. If we find that the program is valuable to our members, we will continue with those offerings most used and add new features as requested.

Does this mean you'll stop sharing your files for free?

No way! I love to share my files for free and I love seeing the world make my designs. My done-for-you design files will remain free as they have been for years, including past and future done-for-you design files, and they will continue to be available through my free resource library. ADVANCE program members will get advance access to all designs before they appear in my free library, plus exclusive access to my new template files, which I do not normally share (it's highly unusual for any designer to share these, in fact), as well as the individual elements used to design and customize the templates. It's the template files and extra elements that will allow you to create the unique, custom projects that are at the heart of the ADVANCE program. So this new program is adding new things, and not taking anything away.

Is this an "advanced" program?

No, this is a program for ALL skill levels, including beginners. This program is designed to help you advance to the next level through its educational and design resources, no matter whether you are a new or experienced. If you are new, this program can skip you over the painful parts to get to the fun parts faster. If you're experienced, we can show you new and exciting techniques and give you access to templates that really advance your projects!

What exactly is an "element kit?"

An element kit is a collection of small parts that can be used to create an entirely new and fun design by you. It's the template designs we begin with when we are creating our new designs, but all separated out. With an element kit, you can change, add, rearrange, and resize things to suit YOUR preferences and needs. Our element kits are exclusive to ADVANCE members and really expand upon what you can do!

Many of the projects I see on your page are ones you've already published. Will there be new ones?

Oh yes! In fact, our ADVANCE members will get access to December's Merry Maker Mingle projects waaay in advance. We already have two of those complete projects up for you. Plus, we share unpublished designs all the time -- we just put three dozen in ADVANCE the other day.

And don't forget that while you've seen us publish some of these projects, you have not yet seen the full project. Sure, we offer the basic assembly instructions for the done-for-you designs on our channel and blog, but only the ADVANCE program has the design workshops to make the projects unique and special to you, as well as the templates, element kits, and cheat sheets. Think of what’s on the blog and channel as the appetizer, while the ADVANCE program is the full meal – appetizer and main course, made just the way you want! Oh, and you get served before everyone else, too, since you get early access to all projects.

Additionally, there are projects and files in the ADVANCE program that do NOT appear on our blog or channel at all. Think of these special access projects and files as the dessert!

Is this just another collection of files like I see on Cricut Access, Creative Fabrica, or Design Bundles?

No. While we do give you access to our large collection of professionally-designed files created by me and my team over the last seven years, they are accompanied by detailed INSTRUCTIONS on how to use them. Unlike most big collections like this, we do not just overwhelm you with lots of files and no clear guidance on how to use them — we inspire and teach you how to make the most of them! This is what really sets the ADVANCE program apart from others — we give you the tools and information you need to actually follow through on creating beautiful things, all in the popular JenniferMaker style.

Are your design workshops live or on-demand?

Our workshops are completely on-demand so you can watch whenever and wherever you wish! There are no class times or complicated meeting rules -- you can get to watch, rewind, slow down, speed up, and pause everything to help you truly learn. Plus all workshops are professionally captioned, include transcripts, come with printable instructions with photos, and special cheatsheets!

Can I ask another question?

Yes, email us at we are always happy to help!

What content is exclusive to ADVANCE members?

As an ADVANCE member, you get a lot of special perks and access, includingexclusive content that is not available elsewhere. Here's a list of what is currently exclusive ... with more being added all the time!

  • Exclusive Design Workshop Video:Custom Stacked Calendars
  • Exclusive Template:Stacked Calendar
  • Exclusive Cheatsheet:Writing Fonts in Cricut Design Space
  • Exclusive Unpublished Design File:Memorial Poppy
  • Exclusive Design Workshop Video:Paper Flower Sign
  • Exclusive Toolkit Files:Blank Mason Jar,Watering Can,Planter, “love grows here,””home sweet home,” “family,” “flower market,”wreath
  • Exclusive Cheatsheet:How to Use a Quilling Tool
  • Exclusive Unpublished Design Files:Cute Fish,Seamless Rainbow Pattern,Cute Hedgehog,Cute Fox,Cute Border Collie,Cute Bird,3D Koi Pond,3D Sunflowers,Painted Heart,3D Dragonfly,Tulip Pattern,Abstract Design,3D Ocean Waves,3D Ship,3D Flowers,3D Spring Flowers,Orchid,Rainbow Fox,Sunset Heart
  • Exclusive Design Workshop Video:Custom Snowman Lantern
  • Exclusive Toolkit Files:buckle,feather,detailed feather,holly,poinsettia
  • Exclusive Cheatsheet:Popular Types of Craft Glitter
  • Exclusive Unpublished Design Files:Border Collie,Penguin,Ox,Giraffe,Unicorn,Yorkshire Terrier,Bearded Dragon on Unicycle,Butterfly,Gray Kitten,Tabby Cat with Crown,Blond Cat with Scarf,Brown Cat with Red Glasses,German Shepherd/Lab Mix,Corgi,Black Bear,Otter,Narwhal,Panda Bear,Axolotl,Tortoise,Elephant,Dragonfly,Wolf,Seal,Horse,Peaco*ck,Snake,Quokka,Golden Doodle,Sea Turtle,Alpaca,Alpaca with Sunflower,Frog,Frog with Glasses
  • Exclusive Design Workshop Video:Custom Tumblers
  • Exclusive Toolkit Files: “But First Wine,” “Love the Wine You’re With,” “May Contain Wine,” “Sip Sip Hooray“
  • Exclusive Cheatsheet:How to Trim a Sublimation Print
  • Exclusive Unpublished Design Files:Sunflower,Floral Mom
  • Exclusive Design Workshop Video:Custom Flower Bouquet
  • Exclusive Toolkit Files:Paper Tulip, Daffodil, and Carnation
  • Exclusive Cheatsheet:How to Duplicate in Cricut Design Space
  • Exclusive Unpublished Design Files:Seamless Spring Pattern,Seamless Summer Pattern,Seamless Autumn Pattern
  • Exclusive Design Workshop Video:Custom Teddy Bear
  • Exclusive Template:Blank Rolled Flower Spiral (to design your own rolled flower)
  • Exclusive Cheatsheet:How to Roll Flowers
  • Exclusive Unpublished Design Files:Highland Cow with Flower,Every Day is a New Beginning,Cute Flower,Cute Kraken
  • Exclusive Design Workshop Video:Custom Purse
  • Exclusive Template:Custom Purse Nameplates
  • Exclusive Cheatsheet:How to Deboss a Name
  • Exclusive Design Workshop Video:Custom Shoe Tumbler Wrap
  • Exclusive Templates:Shoe/Slipper Tumbler Wrap Kit (PSD File)
  • Exclusive Design Files:Winged Heart,Rainbow Butterfly Patch,Sunflower Patch, andmany more
  • Exclusive Cheatsheet:E6000 Glue Usage Tips
  • Exclusive Design Workshop Video:Custom Cap Gift Box
  • Exclusive Cheatsheet:How to Use Cricut Pens
  • Exclusive Design Workshop Video:Custom & Dark Cotton Shirts
  • Exclusive Design Files:Cat in a Cup,Rainbow with Clouds and Heart,Cottage Lake
  • Exclusive Cheatsheet:Using Print Then Cut in Design Space
  • Exclusive Design Workshop Video:Custom Shaped Edge Cards
  • Exclusive Template: Edge Card Template,Sea Creatures,Whale,Peaco*ck,Foxes,Leaves,Set of Trees,Rosebud,Half Tree,Snowflakes,Daisies, andlots of variations on the cards
  • Exclusive Cheatsheet:How to Use a Scoring Stylus
  • Exclusive Design Workshop Video:Layered Vinyl Glasses
  • Exclusive Cheatsheet:How to Layer Vinyl
  • Exclusive Design Workshop Video:Watercolor Ink Mug
  • Exclusive Design Files:Flower,Butterfly, andFloral Monoline Illustrations
  • Exclusive Cheatsheet:How to Use Infusible Ink Watercolor Pens
  • Exclusive Design Workshop Video:Custom Easter Egg Lanterns
  • Exclusive Toolkit Files:Blank Egg to Decorate,Butterflies,Easter Eggs,Bunny,Sun,Dandelion,Hyacinths
  • Exclusive Cheatsheet:Cut Settings Based on Paper Type
  • Exclusive Design Workshop Video:Custom Letter Boxes
  • Exclusive Design Template:Blank Boxes,Hearts,Baby Rattle,Baby Feet,Moon and Stars,Sparkle,Balloons,Fireworks
  • Exclusive Cheatsheet:Cricut Trimmer Tips and Tricks
  • Exclusive Design Workshop Video:Custom Shapes Filled with Words
  • Exclusive Toolkit Files:Flower,Star,Hummingbird,Butterfly,Heart,Apple
  • Exclusive Cheatsheet:How to Use Patterns in Design Space
  • Exclusive Design Workshop Video:Custom Love Lantern
  • Exclusive Toolkit Files:Blank Lantern to Personalize,Tree Trunk,Branch and Leaf,Love Birds,Cardinals
  • Exclusive Cheatsheet:How to Use Vinyl for Intricate Cuts
  • Exclusive Design Workshop Video:Custom Photo Blankets
  • Exclusive Toolkit Files:Floral Design Kit
  • Exclusive Cheatsheet:How to Add a Photo to Design Space
  • Exclusive Design Workshop Video:Custom Heart Shadowboxes
  • Exclusive Toolkit Files:Heart Shadowbox template to customize,couple,barn and animals,trees and flowers
  • Exclusive Cheatsheet:How to Combine Mats in Design Space
  • Exclusive Design Workshop Video:Custom Ornament Shadow Box
  • Exclusive Toolkit Files:Shadow Box Template to customize
  • Exclusive Cheatsheet:Layers Panel Tips and Tricks
  • Exclusive Design Workshop Video:Custom Jumping Box
  • Exclusive Toolkit Files:Template to customize,Star,Heart,Banner,Snowflake,Balloons,Four Leaf Clover,Gift Box,Fireworks,Pumpkin,Cake & Candles
  • Exclusive Cheatsheet:Cutting Cardboard Tips
  • Exclusive Design Workshop Video:Custom Photo Shirts
  • Exclusive Cheatsheet:How to Prepare a Photo for Sublimation
  • Exclusive Design Workshop Video:Custom Binder Cover
  • Exclusive Toolkit Files:Binders Kit,Gold Glitter Frame,Goldleaf Butterflies,Gold Nameplate
  • Exclusive Cheatsheet:How to Customize and Download in Canva

Why isn’t EVERYTHING we offer exclusive?

We offer free files and assembly tutorials because we believe in educating and helping as many people as possible, even those who are unable to afford this program or aren’t ready to commit to really advancing their crafts. We will always offer free done-for-you designs and free step-by-step videos to the wider community. But only you get the design workshops, cheatsheets, templates, and extra designs!

Just click the JOIN NOW button below to start immediately!


ONLY $29/month USD, billed monthly, easy cancel anytime!

This low rate unlocks ALL of this:

  • Member-Only Monthly Workshops to Advance Your Skills (there are already 25+ workshops ready and waiting for you inside!) — workshops are valued at $29 EACH, but they are all included in your monthly membership fee
  • Member-Only Monthly Templates and Element Kits
  • Searchable Library with Digital Files, Previews, Tutorial Links, and the option to "skip the zip" when downloading
  • Early Access to designs, files, and videos before they appear on my channel or blog
  • Members-Only Printable Cheat Sheets (there are already 35+ cheat sheets for you inside!)
  • Ad-Free Experience in both the member area and on my blog when logged in
  • Exclusive Group with Monthly Challenges to learn and advance in a safe place
  • Small Business Commercial License
  • Access to the weekly Auto-Print Service for Epson EcoTanks (keeps them unclogged and primed for printing)
  • Access to a Request Box to make requests for the program!
  • Access to Unpublished Files from Jennifer monthly
  • Exclusive Behind-the-Design Content with Jennifer you won't see anywhere else

All prices are in US dollars.

"Worth every dollar." — Rose P.

"Absolutely worth all the money & time" — Dorothy N.

"It is well worth every penny!" — Kim H.

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ADVANCE with JenniferMaker (2024)
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