Air fryer bacon, egg, and cheese TikTok recipe is no-mess and surprisingly good (2024)

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Air fryer bacon, egg, and cheese TikTok recipe is no-mess and surprisingly good (1)

Not bad for basically no work.Credit: mashable

Welcome to AirFryDay, where — you guessed it — every Friday Mashable covers the latest trends, dispenses advice, and reviews recipes for your air fryer.

Welcome to AirFryDay, where — you guessed it —every Friday Mashable covers the latest trends, dispenses advice, and reviews recipes for your air fryer.

It's difficult to screw up a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich because even the worst BECs are still kind of good. Still, I was skeptical of a TikTok recipe that promised to cook it all at once in an air fryer.

How would the recipe fully cook bacon, while not burning bread, while still melting the cheese, and managing to produce a decent egg? Hungry and in need of a sandwich, I set to test that recipe for this week's AirFryDay. And you know what, not too spoil too much, my skepticism was misplaced. It was actually a pretty good and incredibly easy recipe.

The idea came from a TikTok by user @JimmyTheHib, which has racked up some 1.3 million views. It's a pretty straightforward recipe, there's no real trick to it, but here are the basic details.


  • Four slices of bread (this recipe makes two sandwiches)

  • Two eggs

  • Three slices of cheese, one slice halved to split evenly between the sandwiches

  • Two or three slices of bacon, cut into roughly slice-of-bread length pieces

  • Salt, pepper, and a hot sauce of your choosing

  • Toothpicks or small skewers


  • Spray air fryer basket with nonstick spray.

  • Place four slices of bread in basket and spray with nonstick, butter, or whatever you have on hand.

  • On two slices of bread, lay down 1.5 slices of cheese in order to achieve total bread coverage.

  • On top of the cheese, lay down four cut-pieces of bacon. Two pieces should face one way, two should face the other direction, forming a two-layer crosshatch of sorts that achieves total bread coverage.

  • Use toothpicks or (in my case, small wooden skewers) to pin the bacon to the bread and prevent it from moving during the air frying process.

  • Using the backside of a spoon, create a yolk-sized divot on the two bare pieces of bread.

  • Carefully crack an egg on each bare slice of bread, placing the yolks in the divots.

  • Season the eggs with salt and pepper.

  • Carefully and slowly, load the basket into the air fryer. Air fry for 8 minutes at 380 degrees.

  • When finished cooking, remove the basket and pour hot sauce on the egged slices of bread (if you want hot sauce).

  • Combine each egg slice of bread with a bacon slice and chow down on your sandwich.

Here's how @JimmyTheHib's process looked.

Air fryer bacon, egg, and cheese TikTok recipe is no-mess and surprisingly good (3)

The basic steps for a BEC.Credit: screenshots: tiktok / @jimmythehib

I set out to copy his results, subbing in regular bacon for turkey bacon for no other reason than I wanted regular bacon.

I picked out four slices of bread, making an extra sandwich for my lovely wife/photographer in my AirFryDay BEC extravaganza. The recipe from @JimmyTheHib did not call for preheating, so the whole thing is assembled in the air fryer basket, which is part of the appeal. It's so, so easy and creates virtually no mess.

OK, so following the recipe, I sprayed my air fryer basket, then arranged four slices of bread inside, spritzing them with canola oil.

Air fryer bacon, egg, and cheese TikTok recipe is no-mess and surprisingly good (4)

This is potato bread because I love potato bread.Credit: Mashable

Next, the two slices of bread got 1.5 slices of cheddar cheese apiece. I opted for thick-cut cheddar instead of @JimmyTheHib's American because I like cheddar and felt it would hold up to eight minutes of air frying better. I believe I was correct, looking at our respective results.

Air fryer bacon, egg, and cheese TikTok recipe is no-mess and surprisingly good (5)

That left half-slice of cheese kind of looks like a backwards version of the shape of Minnesota.Credit: mashable

After cheese it was time for bacon. I tried to cut wide and less fatty sections from a few strips of bacon. This allowed for two layers of bread coverage and less rendered bacon fat seeping into the bread, which I worried would make things soggy during the cooking process. Then, since I forgot to buy toothpicks at the store, I broke the tips off wooden skewers and pinned the bacon down, just like the TikTok.

Air fryer bacon, egg, and cheese TikTok recipe is no-mess and surprisingly good (6)

Make sure you pierce both pieces of bacon.Credit: mashable

If you look in the above picture, you can also see yolk-sized wells in the two bare slices of bread. I created those with the backside of a spoon. Just be careful as you press down, because it's easy to rupture the soft bread.

Next, I carefully cracked an egg on each bare slice of bread, dropping the yolk directly into its divot. Then I seasoned the eggs with salt and pepper.

Air fryer bacon, egg, and cheese TikTok recipe is no-mess and surprisingly good (7)

Always season your food.Credit: mashable

Carefully — like I was carrying a precious little baby — I picked up the air fryer basket and slid it into the air fryer. Then, per @JimmyTheHib's instructions in his viral TikTok, I turned that sucker to 380 degrees and set it for eight minutes.

Here's what awaited me, eight minutes later (after I removed the skewers).

Air fryer bacon, egg, and cheese TikTok recipe is no-mess and surprisingly good (8)

Look at the crispy cheese on the edges. We love to see it, folks.Credit: mashable

The topside of the bread was deeply charred, about a minute or two from fully burnt. The cheese was beautifully melted and deliciously crisped on the edges. The bacon ranged from fully cooked but floppy to crispy. But it was cooked. Looking at the egg, I strongly suspected there was zero chance it was still runny.

I plated the sandwiches and, since I love hot sauce, I doused the egg sides in Valentina extra hot.

Now a curious thing about this recipe. The underside of the bread was mostly lightly toasted, with some spots of char. That's because the four slices of bread took up so much real estate in the basket that it blocked hot air from circulating too much of the underside. This wasn't a totally bad thing, to be honest, because there was plenty crunch the charred topside. But here are the sandwiches, one with the lid closed, the other hot sauced.

Air fryer bacon, egg, and cheese TikTok recipe is no-mess and surprisingly good (9)

I recommend hot sauce on your sandwich.Credit: mashable

Then it was time to cut the sando in half and house it. I sliced through on the diagonal and, like I expected, the yolk was hard. Not even a little soft, it was pretty much the exact texture as the center of a hard-boiled egg. But still, not a bad looking sandwich.

Air fryer bacon, egg, and cheese TikTok recipe is no-mess and surprisingly good (10)

I made this BEC disappear shortly after this photo was taken.Credit: mashable

The verdict: It was a good BEC. It's not an elite bacon, egg, and cheese, but that's not what we're going for here. Give me a half hour to cook perfect bacon, fry an over-easy egg, thinly slice some red onion, then basically construct a bacon and egg grilled cheese and, I tell you what, I'll make you an incredible BEC. But I'll also have a bit of a mess on my hands, left cleaning up at least two pans, a cutting board, onion scraps, and grease splatter on the stove. It'll also take a decent chunk of time to make that sandwich.

The magic of this recipe is its ease. If I didn't have to stop to document the process, I could've made this whole thing in like ten minutes, including the eight minute cooking time. And there was practically zero mess to deal with, beyond washing the air fryer basket, which is nonstick and super easy to clean.

The recipe gifts you a good sandwich in ten minutes with zero mess. It's a perfect idea for, say, a workday morning but you're too hungry for your usual Greek yogurt.

Sure, the yolk was cooked into oblivion. I have zero idea how @JimmyTheHib had a runny yolk after eight minutes at 380 degrees. But it was tasty nonetheless, so who cares?

In just a few minutes of cooking, I had a super easy, super fast bacon, egg, and cheese. A couple minutes later, I had a full stomach. What's wrong with that?

Air fryer bacon, egg, and cheese TikTok recipe is no-mess and surprisingly good (11)

Tim Marcin

Tim Marcin is a culture reporter at Mashable, where he writes about food, fitness, weird stuff on the internet, and, well, just about anything else. You can find him posting endlessly about Buffalo wings on Twitter at @timmarcin.

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Air fryer bacon, egg, and cheese TikTok recipe is no-mess and surprisingly good (2024)


Why you should never cook bacon in your air fryer? ›

Bacon is a high-fat food and releases a lot of grease as it cooks, which can coat the bottom and inside of your air fryer (and isn't fun to scrub out). Too much grease can also start smoking in the fryer, which is never what you want to see when you're cooking.

Can you air fry bacon without making a mess? ›

In just nine minutes, you can have hot bacon ready to serve. The best part about the air fryer is that the grease collects underneath the basket in the drawer, so there's no grease splatters in the kitchen and the grease is a cinch to discard (simply tip the drawer to pour off).

How do you keep bacon from splattering in an air fryer? ›

Unlike pan frying bacon, there's no splattering with air fryer bacon. I also add just under 1 cup of water to the air fryer basket to keep smoking at bay and to prevent any chances of splattering. Plus, clean up is easier with the water in the air fryer preventing any grease from baking on.

Do you put foil in the air fryer when cooking bacon? ›

Place bacon in air fryer

If you're using an oven-style air fryer, you'll want to put the bacon on an air-fry basket (basically a mesh rack) with either a solid pan or a piece of aluminum foil folded up on the edges underneath to catch any bacon grease drippings.

What are the negatives of cooking in an air fryer? ›

Cons of air fryers

Also, foods can dry out quickly with less fat and higher cooking temps; and they're fairly small so if you plan to cook for more than several people you'll have to do so in batches. Make sure the fryer you purchase is made of BPA-free plastic, since BPA is a carcinogen.

How do you air fry without making a mess? ›

Add water to the drawer when cooking fatty foods

Or using a liner specifically designed for air frying to prevent the mess.

How do you keep grease from splattering in an air fryer? ›

Remember to preheat your air fryer before filling it with food. A slice of bread in the bottom of your air fryer can help collect grease without making a mess.

Why does my air fryer smoke when I cook bacon? ›

Here's why: Bacon doesn't require any excess oil or butter to cook because it's so full of fat. So when hot air is circulated around the bacon, your air fryer will fill up with rendered bacon fat, which will then burn and maybe even release smoke from your machine.

Does parchment paper keep bacon from splattering in oven? ›

Easiest Clean Up!

The key to mess-free, fuss-free bacon making is lining a baking sheet with parchment paper. All the grease and mess stays on the parchment, making it really easy to toss and clean up.

Can you put paper towels in bottom of air fryer? ›

Airflow is essential to the machine, so while a paper towel is useful for cleaning, it should not be used while cooking food in the air fryer. It can restrict the airflow of the machine and even catch fire. It's important to remember that the air inside the air fryer can get very hot.

Is it better to cook bacon in the oven or air fryer? ›

Air fryer bacon is so crispy, and the grate in the air fryer allows some of the bacon fat to drip off as it cooks. This method is also a littler faster than baking bacon in the oven. The only downside to this method is unless you have a giant air fryer, you can't cook more than a few servings at once.

Should I use parchment paper for air fryer bacon? ›

Use parchment paper to line your air fryer basket. There are a few types of parchment paper that are made specifically for the air fryer. (Amazon affiliate) They are made specifically for air frying and have little holes in them to allow for air circulation.

Can bacon grease catch fire in air fryer? ›

As well as this, the air fryer becomes quite a hazard due to the build-up of bacon grease and can suddenly begin to smoke. The bacon fat splatters out across the air fryer's heating element, causing the gadget to start smoking and creating a fire hazard before a smell of burnt food fills the air.

How do you clean the air after cooking bacon? ›

Boil a Lemon

Cut up half a lemon (or use lemon juice) and add it, peel and all, to a pot of boiling water. Toss in a spoonful of baking soda for even more smell-fighting power. Let the lemon mixture boil for 15 minutes, then turn it off and leave it on the stove until the water cools down.

Can you put tin foil inside an air fryer? ›

Aluminum foil can be used in an air fryer, but it should only go in the basket. Acidic foods react with aluminum, so avoid using foil when air frying tomatoes, peppers, or citrus. Using parchment paper or a bare basket is better because it won't interfere with cooking.

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