Sprite co*cktails (14 Easy & Delicious Ideas) (14 Delicious Ideas) - The Happy Mustard Seed (2024)

If you love Sprite and mixed drinks, you’re in luck. Sprite is a versatile beverage that you can use as an ingredient for many co*cktails or mixed drinks. It has a lemon-lime flavor and blends easily with many alcoholic beverages.

Sprite co*cktails (14 Easy & Delicious Ideas) (14 Delicious Ideas) - The Happy Mustard Seed (1)

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Like lemonade, Sprite can be versatile and the bubbly ingredient your mixed drinks need. If you’re looking for ideas to enjoy Sprite for parties, here are 15 ways to do it. Note that you must be of legal drinking age to consume these drinks.

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Sprite co*cktails (14 Easy & Delicious Ideas) (14 Delicious Ideas) - The Happy Mustard Seed (2)

Margaritas are easy and fun to make with this margarita maker.

Sprite co*cktails (14 Easy & Delicious Ideas) (14 Delicious Ideas) - The Happy Mustard Seed (3)

Mix any of your favorite co*cktails with this beautiful stainless steel bartender kit.

1. Easy Margarita

This recipe is straightforward and requires nothing else but Sprite and Tequila. All you need to do is mix two ounces of Tequila with four ounces of Sprite, pour into a highball glass with crushed ice, and stir. Then run a lime wedge on the rim of your glass to enjoy the drink.

2. Harvest Punch

The Harvest Punch is a fruity co*cktail that is easy to make and is served best with appetizers during parties. To create a Harvest Punch, you need to mix Moscato wine with apple cider and pineapple juice in a pitcher before slowly pouring the Sprite. Serve in a glass with ice, an orange wedge, and a rosemary sprig.

3. Peach Sangria

This summer mixed drink is the ultimate refreshment for a late afternoon or early-evening drink. Combine a bottle of wine, plums, and peaches with peach schnapps and serve in a glass with ice.

4. Hibiscus co*cktails

This co*cktail infuses flavors from hibiscus tea and is garnished with edible flowers for more color and texture. Put cold hibiscus tea, silver tequila, and freshly squeezed lime juice in a shaker. Then put a handful of ice and shake until the mixture is cold. Strain and serve in a highball glass half-filled with ice, then pour Sprite and add edible flowers.

5. Tsunami Drink co*cktail

The Tsunami co*cktail made with Sprite will surely get you into the summer feeling. To create this drink, mix pineapple juice, blueberries, and ice in a blender, then pour coconut rum, curacao, schnapps, and vodka. Blend until you get a frozen puree. Add lemon-lime soda and pulse for a second, then serve in a glass and add garnishings of your choice.

To make this drink, mix one pack of Orange, Strawberry, Cherry, and Lemon Kool-Aid into a container. Add a gallon of water and a 46-ounce can of pineapple juice. Serve the mixture with ice, Sprite, and sparkling champagne.

6. Apple Cider Sangria

This drink was designed as an after-meal refreshment, making everyone feel relaxed after a full meal during dinners, like Thanksgiving. To make this drink, submerge lemon juice-soaked apples into a container filled with white wine and vodka for at least an hour. Then serve with Sprite, apple cider, and ice in a glass.

7. Berry Vodka Spritzer

Here’s a fruity spritzer you can enjoy in the early evenings. The fruit flavors from the berries help unlock the drink’s goodness. To make this spritzer, put some blueberries and strawberries in a co*cktail shaker and press it against the walls of the shaker to release the flavors. Then pour vodka and rose wine into the shaker, then add ice until full. Shake, strain, and serve in a glass with Sprite.

8. Cranberry co*cktails

Here’s another simple co*cktail you can make at home. It’s simple and does not need much effort to make, especially if you want a drink to unwind. All you need is to mix equal amounts of vodka, cranberry juice, and Sprite. You can increase or decrease the quantity of vodka and other ingredients depending on how strong you want the drink to be.

9. Spiked Cherry Limeade

The nice thing about simple mixed drinks like the Spiked Cherry Limeade is that you don’t need to overthink how to make them. For this beverage, put ice in a highball or Collins glass, and add your cherry limeade drink powder, vodka, and Sprite. Stir until the cherry limeade is dissolved, and add a lime wheel to serve.

10. Blue Lagoon Margaritas

Margaritas are generally easy to make, and the Blue Lagoon is no exception. All you need is to add Sprite, Tequila, blue curacao, limeade, and ice in your blender and blend until smooth. Then rim a glass with coarse sugar using a lime wedge and pour the drink into the glass, then serve. Add fresh lime slices for decoration and more flavor.

11. Hard Ocean Water

The Hard Ocean Water is a fun way to enjoy the flavors of coconut and vodka and get that summer vibe. This beach co*cktail is easy and takes little effort to put together. Put blue curacao in a Collins glass filled with ice, then add the coconut vodka and Sprite. Stir to combine the drink and serve.

12. Sour Watermelon Vodka Slush

This drink uses sour patch watermelon candies as a garnish that oozes with flavor in every bite. If you love sour mixed drinks and watermelon, you will love this drink.

It takes a little time to prepare this drink since you need to soak the sour patch watermelon candies, but once you create this, it will be worth the effort. This drink is best served during barbecues, so you can soak the sweets while you let your barbecue absorb its marinade.

13. Summertime co*cktails

For those wanting the perfect combination of fruity flavors and vodka for summer, the Summertime co*cktail is incredibly easy to make and perfect for relaxing even when hot. To make this great drink, you only need to combine cranberry juice, vodka, Sprite, and ice, then add freshly squeezed lemon for the finale.

14. Giggle Juice co*cktail

Another one for bubbly conversations, the Giggle Juice co*cktail emphasizes citrus flavors and is excellent for parties. This drink combines white wine with citron vodka, pink lemonade, sliced strawberries, and Sprite. Combine all ingredients and let them sit for an hour before serving with ice.

These are just some of the mixed drinks you can make with Sprite or lemon-lime soda. The strength of these drinks depends on how potent you want them to be; you can add or subtract and adjust to taste.

You can explore other alcoholic beverages, like spiced rum, ginger ale, white rum, orange juice or whiskey. Regardless of which drink you choose, always remember to drink responsibly.

Sprite co*cktails (14 Easy & Delicious Ideas) (14 Delicious Ideas) - The Happy Mustard Seed (2024)


What alcohol goes best with Sprite? ›

For those wanting the perfect combination of fruity flavors and vodka for summer, the Summertime co*cktail is incredibly easy to make and perfect for relaxing even when hot. To make this great drink, you only need to combine cranberry juice, vodka, Sprite, and ice, then add freshly squeezed lemon for the finale.

What is the #1 ordered co*cktail in the world? ›

But, many bar-goers simply ordered a co*cktail 'the old fashioned way'. Even today the Old Fashioned has been the number one selling co*cktail in many bars. You just can't beat a classic!

What are the 77 co*cktails? ›

What are the most popular 77 official IBA co*cktails
  • The unforgettable. The first on the list are the co*cktails people consider unforgettable. ...
  • Alexander. ...
  • Daiquiri. ...
  • Dry Martini. ...
  • Manhattan. ...
  • Old Fashioned. ...
  • Bloody Mary. ...
  • Cosmopolitan.
May 3, 2023

What is a Hennessy and Sprite called? ›


In basketball, playmakers use skill and tactics to overcome taller opponents. This short co*cktail pairs Hennessy cognac with deeper red fruit flavors to stand up to any tall drink. 1.5 oz Hennessy V.S. 2 oz Sprite. 2 oz Cranberry Juice.

Does Sprite enhance alcohol? ›

The study found that Sprite may cause alcohol to be broken down more quickly than other drinks and potentially help reduce hangover symptoms.

What is the drink of 2024? ›

The batanga is a tequila-based co*cktail that's a testament to the beauty of simplicity. With just a few classic ingredients—tequila, cola, fresh-squeezed lime juice, a pinch of salt, and a salt-rimmed glass—anyone can master this refreshing co*cktail.

What is the most bought alcoholic drink in the world? ›

Most Consumed Liquor Brand in the World:

With 100.9 million 9-liter cases sold worldwide in 2022, Jinro Soju is the Most Popular Spirit Brand in the World. There are many reasons why Jinro Soju is so popular. One is that it is a very versatile drink.

What is America's #1 drink? ›

Based on search results, water stands out as the most prevalent beverage in the American diet, constituting 50% of overall consumption, encompassing both bottled and tap water.

Which alcohol is least harmful to your liver? ›

Take a look at this list of the least-damaging alcoholic drinks from Legends at White Oak to help you drink consciously.
  • Red Wine. ...
  • Light Beer. ...
  • Tequila. ...
  • Gin & Rum & Vodka & Whiskey.
Mar 7, 2021

What gets you drunk the fastest? ›

Bubbly drinks may get you drunk faster. If you're looking to get drunk fast, and like champagne and spritzers, order a bubbly drink. Bubbly drinks include champagne, sparkling wine, spritzers, and drinks mixed with tonic water.

What is an 80s co*cktail? ›

At least one or two of the following elements comprise your typical 1980s co*cktail: A name with plenty of sexual innuendo. A neon colour - preferably electric blue (blue curaçao) or lurid green (melon liqueur) Orange juice (usually then packaged rather than freshly squeezed)

What is a 434 drink? ›

Well, that's the 434 from Halls Chophouse. The bartenders blend pineapple and orange-infused vodka and shake it with ice until it's nice and cold, then pour it into a glass -- and that's it!

What are the six original co*cktails? ›

Embury's six basic drinks are the Daiquiri, the Jack Rose, the Manhattan, the Martini, the Old Fashioned, and the Sidecar.

Do vodka and Sprite go together? ›

Vodka pairs perfectly with the sweet citrus flavor of Sprite. Try out this Vodka and Sprite co*cktail recipe tonight.

What alcohol goes with soda? ›

Here are 10 of our favorites.
  • Sweet Vermouth + Club Soda.
  • Campari + Club Soda.
  • Sweet Vermouth + Campari + Club Soda.
  • Vodka + Cranberry Juice + Club Soda.
  • Gin + Lime Juice + Club Soda.
  • Lillet + Club Soda.
  • St. Germain + Apple Juice + Club Soda.
  • Bitters + Club Soda.
May 1, 2019

Are Malibu and Sprite good together? ›

The smooth and sweet Malibu rum is perfectly complemented by the vibrant blue curacao, resulting in a fruity and flavorful experience that will leave you craving more. The fizziness of the Sprite adds a refreshing touch, making this the perfect drink to enjoy any time of day.

How do you order Sprite and vodka? ›

First you name the liquor (Vodka, Rum, Gin, etc.), then you name the mixer (co*ke, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Tonic, etc..). As a side note, many bartenders (myself included) have a bit of a pet peeve about ordering drinks by listing your mixer first (e.g. co*ke and Jack, Cranberry Vodka).

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